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Meet the Team – Peter Sinclair

In this blog we talk to Peter Sinclair, a new addition to the team at GBvi – Peter has joined us for the summer before he returns to his studies:


What are you studying?
I’m currently studying Computer Science and Software Development at Sussex Downs College in Lewes. It is a radical change for me, as I was previously working as a camera operator and camera assistant for films. I’ve always wanted to do something more academic and I have been enthusiastic about computer technology for many years. I thought these courses would give me a great chance to turn my nerdy obsessions into something useful! I’m also working with a friend of mine who specialises in modelling historical buildings in 3D to create a virtual reality experience of an experimental WW1 airfield for a client. It’s fun, as I get to hone my coding skills making a Vickers Vimy bomber fly with the control of a player.


Tell us a little about your role at GBvi?
I think ‘roles’ is a more appropriate term, as I’ve been doing a little bit of everything! I have done many things ranging from tidying the warehouse, sorting tools, bolts and screws, bug testing a projector rig, building projector assemblies and much more. No two days have been alike so far, which I highly enjoy. I’ve also kindly been given control of the radio, so Classic FM has been reigning supreme. It’s probably the most civilised warehouse for miles around.


What excites you about the projects/applications GBvi is working on?
I love how specialist and unique Gbvi’s projects are. I find it incredible that the team works with clients all over the globe, each with their own individual needs. I’m also impressed by the level of technical skill and knowledge that goes into their work, especially in craftingblend masks. It’s been fascinating hearing how they make everything function and I feel like I’m learning more each week. I’ve particularly been intrigued with the coding that goes into making their projects work. It’s nice to see how the concepts I’m learning at college are applied in a real world situation. More than anything, I appreciate how friendly everyone is. They’re a really nice team to work with and are always happy to answer questions.

GBvi Welcomes Steve Johnson to the Team as Opto Mechanical Engineer

steve johnson GBvi opto mechanical engineerWe’re delighted to mark the start of the year with a new, and very important, addition to our team. 

Steve Johnson joins us as Opto Mechanical Engineer and is a highly-experienced engineer with a successful track record in the design and development of precision opto mechanical products. During his 26 years in the visual display industry he has worked as a senior engineer at SEOS and Rockwell Collins and has been a key player in the design and development of Target Projectors, High Dynamic Range simulation projectors, multi-channel display systems and a high-performance HMD for human factors research.

Steve brings his knowledge of display systems, precision mechanics and optics to the GBVI team to help develop cost effective solutions to challenging customer requirements.