The Infinity Display Experience for educational spaces, attractions & themed experiences

The Void uses special display techniques and light path management to create extreme depth cues and illusions of distance – so that viewers and audiences of each installation are provided with a sense of peering into space.

For full details of the configurations available and pricing, please contact us.

Download the Void Product Overview here



Features and Options:

** Built for realistic, immersive experiences **

** Compatible with CG and real-life media content **

** Customisable exterior available to client’s request **

** Ultra-high contrast projection up to 4K **

** Uncompressed playback using 7thSense Design Delta Media Server technologies **

** Customisable touchscreen interface for interactive control over content **

** Available in a range of size, brightness, tilt angle, projection performance and playback configurations **



Themed Entertainment & Attractions | Educational & Informal Leisure Simulation 

** Queue Display – infinity viewing portals for realistic ‘through-window’ experiences **

** Transport viewers to the time and place, and to the subject matter, of the video content **

** Provide illusions of distance and depth for memorable experiences **

** Allows audiences and visitors to get close to subject matters, with incredible levels of detail with high contrast and resolution projection configurations **

** Engage audiences at Science Centres, Museums and Historical Attractions **