I/ITSEC 2017… Until Next Year!

gbvi iitsec chronos greyscale

While the show finished just a little over two weeks ago, I/ITSEC 2017 seems like an age back! 

For the first time GBvi exhibited in its own booth. While small in floorspace (10’ square) we’re confident we got the message across – we do optical blending!

Two Barco FS70 projectors, kindly loaned by Barco for the show, cross-fired onto a simple cylindrical screen, 90° across, with a Chronos optical blend between them.

Our new Chronos Greyscale plates were fitted to compact frames, interfaced to the Barco front support points via a lightweight framework.  At risk of being immodest, the blend was perfect and we received many compliments to that effect.  We developed Greyscale to address the challenge presented by laser phosphor light sources and higher projector pixel counts, both of which push the trade-offs harder when using our patterned masks.  Not to say that patterned masks are dead – they still offer excellent performance and sometimes represent the only high-quality option for some projectors such as 20K Lumen 3-chip units – but we now have another arrow in our quiver, so to speak.

So far as what else we saw at the show, we struggled to get off our booth to find out!  From a displays perspective there were several excellent systems on show, including those from IDSI (on multiple booths), Esterline, domeprojection.com and Q4.  The projector manufacturers also showed their latest and greatest, including 8K devices from JVC and Digital Projection and exciting new LED-illuminated projectors from Norxe and Barco. Apologies to any that we have missed – time was very limited this year…

However, it seems very likely that you’ll see us at I/ITSEC again in 2018.

Season’s Greetings and Wishes to all the Simulation & Training community!