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Reflections on CES 2016…

Although I was unable to make it to CES this year, I’ve followed it closely to see what flashy new developments have made their way to the show floor. Dramas aside (such as one stand being raided by US marshals) there were some fascinating technologies on show.

Snazzy gadgets, such as Lenovo phones (no longer using the name Motorola) which will come with Google’s Project Tango made an appearance. Project Tango being a must see for anyone with an eye on augmented reality technology.

Drones and droids made a big appearance in this year’s show, featuring the latest Star Wars droids of course, but also a rather spectacular autonomous shuttle drone by EHang, that can automatically transport a person to a designated location.

There was also Bragi’s wireless earbuds, which appear to be filled with features that set them aside from other audio devices in their capabilities. Well worth a look (or listen)!

And of course, there was a considerable weight of cutting edge display technologies. Perhaps most eye-catching of all the display technologies on show was Panasonic’s transparent displays. Although the technology has existed for some time, it’s fascinating to now see it marketed amongst the consumer electronics community.

As well as a decent range of 4K LCD and OLED displays by Sony, Samsung, LG and Panasonic, there was also an emphasis on ‘Super UHD’ (Super Ultra High Definition), with LG’s stonking new 98” 8K Super UHD LED TV being one of the highlights. Is this a sign that displays may simply surpass 4K? How long will it be before ‘Mega Super Ultra High Definition’ hits the market?