Chronos Optical Blending

High quality projection systems are built by making sure that everything is right. Designers go to great lengths to configure the display that meets the client’s needs, selecting the best components and carefully configuring them to get the best result.

Seamless image continuity is the goal and calls for the highest quality image blending that is simple to use, yet performs with all scene content and manages any layout complexity with ease.

Chronos optical blending is our primary solution for this challenge and is the highest performance film/glass blend mask technology available in the market. It has been designed to generate a perfectly seamless image across multiple projector channels and is ideal for flight simulation, digital planetarium and theme park dark ride applications. Our highly flexible in-house design tools allow us to design and produce glass or film masks unique to your display for pixel-perfect projection channel edge-blending.

Chronos optical blending has been specifically designed to provide the highest quality blending, taking into account projector characteristics, display design and performance needs. Blends need not be constrained to simple geometry but instead can follow complex curves to allow you to design your system to meet tough requirements.

Download the Chronos Product Overview here