GBvi has invested heavily in developing system design tools, mask pattern algorithms and alignment processes to offer industry-leading independent optical blending solutions for integrators, customised to each display design. This results in high-performance blending, superior to any plain-edge or sawtooth mask solutions that are also used and Chronos Glass blend masks can withstand high light flux without degradation.

Essentially it is all about display dynamic range and sequential contrast. If you have 4 projectors blending over 2 rows, they will be sharing one blend zone where all 4 meet. Most projectors have limited sequential contrast – they emit ‘leakage’ light even when it should be black – so there will be a 4 X leakage region.

If this is blended using electronic means (through the content or an electronic blend function in the projector or separate box) then, in dark scenes, this will show as an objectionable bright step, with the 2-way blends at 4 X leakage as well.

Optical blending completely eliminates this issue, as it masks light to roll off the intensities.

Mechanical Integration

Typical scope of supply:- pre-assembled Chronos frameworks (for installation by experienced display engineers).

Physical fitting is very quick (< 1 hour per channel), provided that interfaces are correct (base plate etc.) and physical access to front of projector is available (e.g., with appropriate lifts or platforms).


Mask Physical Alignment Process

A clearly defined process is provided for the alignment of the mask.

Initial alignment can be systematically achieved in under 1 hour (typically), provided that the display system is assembled with reasonable accuracy to the design data previously agreed. Projectors must also be bore-sighted and positioned to replicate the design, including lens shift and zoom values. Projected fields must be checked so that they fill the dome as per the modelled projection.

If required, GBvi can provide test patterns to assist in mask alignment.


Training services can be provided by GBvi to help reduce project risk

Display design for optical blend compatibility, installation and alignment

Customer/integrator-provided display system data is quickly evaluated to generate a price quotation.

Upon purchase order placement detailed design data is exchanged & reviewed, the blend mask design process starts, Chronos Emulsion Film test masks are provided for in-system validation and production glass masks are then procured.

GBvi also offers:

Display design consulting and installation support services.

Lead-times (typical)

Quotation (including initial design data & display system analysis) Typically 3-5 days

Delivery of Chronos Film test masks and related mechanics from order Typically 2-4 weeks

Delivery of final Chronos Glass masks (pending client validation of film blends)  Typically 1-2 weeks assuming standard plate size range.

  • Display Design Assistance
  • Systems Integrator Support
  • Certified Chronos Installation Training
  • Warranty & After-Service


 Fixed & Rotary Wing Flight Simulation,


Ground Vehicle Simulation,


Medical Training,


Security & Defence,


Urban & Rural Environments,


Night Vision

Immersive & Dark Rides,


Dome Theatres,


Flying Rides,


Large Screen Displays & Cinemas,


Digital Planetariums,


Curved Screen Attractions,


Immersive CAVEs