Chronos Glass

Chronos Glass optical blending is our primary blending solution and is the highest performance glass blend mask technology available in the market. Designed to generate a perfectly seamless image across multiple projector channels, it is ideal for flight simulation, digital planetarium and theme park dark ride applications.

Our highly flexible in-house design tools allow us to design and produce glass masks unique to your display for pixel-perfect projection channel edge-blending.

New Chronos Glass: Greyscale Our Chronos Glass option can now use true Greyscale technology to provide perfect, diffraction free blending for LED and laser phosphor-projectors.

Chronos Glass Greyscale addresses the ‘small 4K’ and 8K class of projection systems where some optical trade-offs are most challenging, particularly with laser-phosphor illumination.

Our new greyscale technology has been developed in-house to provide blend masks that have genuine “variable density”, opening up new options and combinations of projector and display types. Artifact-free projected throughput is achieved to result in perfect blends and even hot-spot correction in rear-projected display environments.

chronos glass greyscale