GBvi to Exhibit at I/ITSEC 2018

GBvi will again be exhibiting at I/ITSEC in Orlando. 

Visit us on Stand #2615 from 26-30 November.

More details on our on-stand demonstrations and product releases will be made available in the lead-up to the show.


The Interservice/ Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC) is the world’s largest modelling, simulation, and training conference.

Held near the beginning of December in Orlando, Florida, USA, I/ITSEC consists of peer-reviewed paper presentations, tutorials, special events, professional workshops, a commercial exhibit hall, a serious games competition, and STEM events for teachers and secondary students. I/ITSEC is organised by the National Training and Simulation Association (NTSA), which promotes international and interdisciplinary cooperation within the fields of modelling and simulation (M&S), training, education, analysis, and related disciplines at this annual meeting. The NTSA is an affiliate subsidiary of the National Defence Industrial Association (NDIA). Hence, I/ITSEC also emphasizes themes related to defence and security.

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GBvi Chronos Optical Blending for multi-channel simulation displays – NVG compatibility

This video is a camera-recorded demonstration of a projected 2-channel display with seamless day to night transition as seen at I/ITSEC 2017 with a GBVI Chronos Glass: Greyscale optical blend in the middle.

Chronos optical blending has been developed to remain in place and deliver seamless blends for all scene content.

Our blend mask generation algorithms create high quality blends accepted by the toughest of simulation standards, even with bright daytime content, whilst dark scenes retain the full dynamic range possible.

Continuous time of day with seamless image blending

Blend hardware remains in place at all times, so traditional scenes with high contrast, such as dawn or dusk scenes, remain exceptional quality. No hardware transition is required between bright and dark scenes, so the training scenario can operate through CTOD conditions, or switch from day to night scenes without compromise.

Night or dark scenes make optical blending essential to extract maximum training value from your visual system.

Optical blending preserves projector dynamic range and contrast, eliminating black level infill otherwise required by digitally blended displays.

Chronos optical blending is tried and tested in NVG display systems. Using the same technology as we do on regular RGB display systems, you will get the same seamless edge blend.

Through night vision goggles on a simulated NVG projected display, you can expect to see a result similar to this demonstration


Morrison Planetarium Upgrade at the California Academy of Sciences named as 2018 Install Awards Visitor Attraction Project of the Year

AV upgrades to the California Academy of Sciences, including the Morrison Planetarium, were recognised with 2018 Install Award for Visitor Attraction Project of the Year.

Now in its fifth year, the Install Awards recognises excellence across the entire pro AV industry, focusing on the best projects and products from the preceding 12 months.

In 2017, six Sony VPL-GTZ270 4K SXRD 5000-lumen projectors were integrated into the newly-upgraded 300-seat, 75-ft planetarium, with six channels of GBvi’s Chronos optical blending for seamless blending of the Fulldome planetarium’s projection system.

Geoff Blackham, GBvi’s founder and managing director said; “We’re delighted to have been involved in this project, which has been acknowledged with such a prestigious award!”

TEECOM led the project as consultant and project manager and Mechdyne led the integration. Other project partners included 7thSense Design,   Scalable Display Technologies, NVIDIA, Sony, Barco Medialon, DataPath, Digital Projection, SCISS, and Meyer Sound

The award finalist ceremony took place in London on 28th June.


GBvi supports Holovis at ITEC 2018 on JALO-accredited 4-metre dome training environment

From May 15th-17th, GBvi is supporting Holovis with an optical edge-blending solution for a 3-channel digital display as part of their new four-metre dome training environment, accredited by the UK Joint Air Land Organisation (JALO) at ITEC – the international forum for the Military Simulation, Training & Education Community – this year taking place at the Stuttgart Messe.

Chronos Glass: Greyscale has been used for the on-stand demo to provide perfect, diffraction free blending for LED and laser phosphor-projectors.

Chronos Glass Greyscale addresses the ‘small 4K’ and 8K class of projection systems where some optical trade-offs are most challenging, particularly with laser-phosphor illumination

For more information on Chronos Glass: Greyscale, please click here


California Academy of Sciences named as 2018 InstallAwards Project Finalist

AV upgrades to the California Academy of Sciences, including the Morrison Planetarium, have been recognised with a place on the shortlist in the category of Visitor Attraction of the Year.

In 2017, Six Sony VPL-GTZ270 4K SXRD 5000-lumen projectors were integrated into the newly-upgraded 300-seat, 75-ft planetarium by Mechdyne, with six channels of GBvi’s Chronos optical blending for seamless blending of the Fulldome planetarium’s projection system – we’re delighted to have been involved in this project.

The award finalist ceremony takes place in London on 28th June.

Image used with thanks to Mechdyne

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GBvi to exhibit at IMAGE 2018

image society logo







GBvi has been confirmed as exhibitor at IMAGE 2018 Conference

This year’s IMAGE Conference will be hosted by the University of Dayton, Ohio, from 26-27 June and will once again be a unique technical conference focused on visual simulation and related technologies.

About the IMAGE Society

The IMAGE Society, Inc. is a non-profit, technical, professional association for the advancement of visual simulation, related technologies, and their applications.


I/ITSEC 2017… Until Next Year!

gbvi iitsec chronos greyscale

While the show finished just a little over two weeks ago, I/ITSEC 2017 seems like an age back! 

For the first time GBvi exhibited in its own booth. While small in floorspace (10’ square) we’re confident we got the message across – we do optical blending!

Two Barco FS70 projectors, kindly loaned by Barco for the show, cross-fired onto a simple cylindrical screen, 90° across, with a Chronos optical blend between them.

Our new Chronos Greyscale plates were fitted to compact frames, interfaced to the Barco front support points via a lightweight framework.  At risk of being immodest, the blend was perfect and we received many compliments to that effect.  We developed Greyscale to address the challenge presented by laser phosphor light sources and higher projector pixel counts, both of which push the trade-offs harder when using our patterned masks.  Not to say that patterned masks are dead – they still offer excellent performance and sometimes represent the only high-quality option for some projectors such as 20K Lumen 3-chip units – but we now have another arrow in our quiver, so to speak.

So far as what else we saw at the show, we struggled to get off our booth to find out!  From a displays perspective there were several excellent systems on show, including those from IDSI (on multiple booths), Esterline, and Q4.  The projector manufacturers also showed their latest and greatest, including 8K devices from JVC and Digital Projection and exciting new LED-illuminated projectors from Norxe and Barco. Apologies to any that we have missed – time was very limited this year…

However, it seems very likely that you’ll see us at I/ITSEC again in 2018.

Season’s Greetings and Wishes to all the Simulation & Training community!


GBvi to Premier Two New Technologies at I/ITSEC 2017

Sussex, England — 16 November 2017 — GBvi, an industry leader in the development of high performance projector optical blending solutions for out-the-window simulation and training, will be launching two new optical blend technologies at I/ITSEC 2017 in Orlando, Florida, from November 27th to December 1st. On the GBvi stand (#2736), conference attendees can see a live demonstration of two innovative new products – Chronos Greyscale and Chronos Rewind.

GBvi’s Chronos range of optical blending solutions enable display system integrators to achieve an even black level across multi-channel projection displays, realising the maximum dynamic range and enhancing the perception of life-like imagery.

Two new product additions to the Chronos range will be premiered for the first time by GBvi at IITSEC with on-stand demonstrations at the show.


Chronos Greyscale

Chronos Greyscale is the new specialist GBvi optical blend technology that addresses the ‘small 4K’ and 8K class of projection systems where some optical trade-offs are most challenging, particularly with laser-phosphor illumination.

Chronos Greyscale is qualified for use with LED and laser phosphor projectors .

Chronos Rewind

“Use of Auto-Alignment (AA) systems for projection display calibration is becoming universal.” Geoff Blackham, founder and managing director of GBvi, explains. “While these systems produce excellent results, some perform best after removal of the blend masks from the light path to enable alignment and calibration to take place.”

Designed for use with a broad range of digital displays, Chronos Rewind addresses this issue, using an actuated platform and simple trigger interface to move the blend mask to and from the projector lens as required in a carefully controlled and precise manner.

This process allows for the blend to be retracted from the lens, auto calibration to be completed, and for the blend mask to be returned to its original, correct position.

Chronos Rewind allows for AA systems to be integrated alongside our Chronos optical blend masks as part of multi-channel displays.

“Our expertise in the field of projection display systems means we can provide an unrivalled service, helping customers with the whole display challenge – not confining our input to the blending alone.” says Blackham.

GBvi’s optical blending technology enables integrators to provide display systems which are free from the visual issues caused by digital blending. This means no ‘double-bright’ overlap regions, and no impact to contrast or dynamic range, as black level infill is no longer necessary to match blend brightnesses.

Chronos has been successfully implemented on WUXGA, WQXGA and 4K single-chip DLP, WUXGA and 4K 3-chip DLP and 4K LCoS projectors, including lamp, laser-phosphor and LED illuminated models.

To meet with GBvi at I/ITSEC 2017, please contact us at

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GBvi ( has a long standing heritage in the field of display systems design, specialising in optical blending solutions for multi-channel projection environments, with no limit to display size, screen shape or projector count. The company works with an extensive network of integrator partners, resellers and designers with a focus on the markets of simulation, entertainment and attractions.


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GBvi’s Chronos optical blend technology installed at Morrison Planetarium, California Academy of Sciences

morrison planetarium california academy of sciences courtesy mechdyne


Earlier this year, Installation’s Paddy Baker visited the newly upgraded Morrison Planetarium at the California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco.

Six Sony VPL-GTZ270 4K SXRD 5000-lumen projectors were integrated into the 300-seat, 75-ft planetarium by Mechdyne, with six channels of GBvi’s Chronos optical blending

Read the full article in the July / August 2017 issue of Installation here

Image used with thanks to Mechdyne


GBvi Named as Finalist in 2017 MS&T Awards

gbvi named as 2017 ms&t award finalist for optical projector edge blending innovation

We’re delighted to have been named as finalist in the 2017 MS&T Magazine’s Industry Simulation & Training Awards.

The annual awards recognise leading companies in the global defence training and simulation community.

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